An unique culinary tour

February · December 2018
Following the outstanding success of last year’s edition, IBEROSTAR is once again bringing superb gastronomy to its finest hotels in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and Jamaica.  
Several leading chefs with Michelin stars between them will be serving up their finest creations with mouth-watering tasting menus. Book now to guarantee your place at this world exclusive gastronomy experience.

Restaurante Betony
1 estrella Michelín
Rt. El Club Allard
2 Michelin Star
Fernando Pérez Arellano, renowned chef with a Michelin star, participates in Iberostarchef On Tour with three dinners in Cuba, Santo Domingo and Mexico.
Rte. Zaranda
2 Michelin star
Rt. The Musket Room
1 Michelin Star
Jardín restaurant
1 Michelin Star
Les Cols de Olot Restaurant
2 Michelin Stars
Nomada Restaurant
1 Michelin Star
A Estación de Cambre Restaurant
1 Michelin Star