Fina Puigdevall

Les Cols de Olot Restaurant

2 Michelin Stars
Bio of Fina Puigdevall

Her culinary art reflects her true nature and character.

Fina Puigdevall has been at the helm of Les Cols de Olot Restaurant since May 1990; she is both owner and chef of this business, housed in the masía country estate where she was born. Her apparently simple cuisine may be based on just a few elements, but it manages to speak realms. She is fond of stripping her dishes down to the bare essentials, whilst skilfully managing to retain all their poetry. Straightforward, plain-speaking cuisine; streamlined but at the same time rich in generosity, transmitting values such as sincerity, balance, austerity and naturalness in an authentic and emotive manner, driven by enthusiasm, intuition and an innate sensitivity.

Some of his dishes

Fina Puigdevall